Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions.  If you have a question not covered here, please contact us!

How does your program work?

Our program runs on a semester system that culminates in a final recital at the end of each semester.

Do you take advanced students as well as beginners?

We specialize in making the learning process joyful at any level, gearing the lessons to meet the needs of the individual. With beginners and advanced students alike our goal is to help everyone achieve their personal best.

What makes the Hummingbird Music Academy unique?

Our students receive:

  1. Teachers who have studied music formally and have extensive experience performing and recording many styles of music.
  2. Individual and group lessons customized to meet each student's individual learning style.
  3. A once a semester, repeatable "Music At Home" class for parents to help with strategies to support home practice and weaving music naturally into family life.
  4. The perfect mix of playful and structured teaching.